DaSy Stakeholders Module 2014  

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Session 3: Quick Reference Guide: Working with Stakeholders to Identify Potential Improvement Strategies for Program Improvement

Created: 03/10/2015

Last Modified: 03/11/2015

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This 2015 quick reference guide is designed to assist states in understanding what information needs to be available in order for stakeholders to assist in selecting potential improvement strategies that will increase capacity of LEAs, EIS programs, and practitioners to improve results for infants, toddlers and their families or for young children with disabilities. ECTA, DaSy, RRCP. (2015). Working with stakeholders to identify potential improvement strategies for program improvement (including the SSIP). Retrieved from http://community.dasycenter.org/working-with-stakeholders-to-identify-potential-improvement-strategies-for-program-improvement-including-the-ssip/
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