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Session 2: A Practical Guide for Engaging Stakeholders in Developing Evaluation Questions

Created: 05/22/2014

Last Modified: 05/22/2014

Guide for Developing Eval Ques.pdf (1001.41KB)
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This guide provides the reader with a five-step process for involving stakeholders in developing evaluation questions, and includes a set of four worksheets to facilitate this process. While it is geared toward evaluation consultants, it provides useful information to guide your conversations with DaSy clients as they reflect on their experiences with the stakeholder engagement process.

Preskill, H. & Jones, N. (2009). A practical guide for engaging stakeholders in developing evaluation questions. Robert Wood Johnson Foundation. Retrieved from http://www.rwjf.org/en/research-publications/find-rwjf-research/2009/12/the-robert-wood-johnson-foundation-evaluation-series-guidance-fo/a-practical-guide-for-engaging-stakeholders-in-developing-evalua.html
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