DaSy Stakeholders Module 2014  




In your Part C or Part B 619 program role, you may be invited to serve as a data system stakeholder in a number of ways. You may be asked to participate in an initiative to pull data together from multiple early childhood programs, link early childhood data, including C and 619 data, to each other, or link data to your state's K-12 data. How you view your role as a stakeholder is highly influenced by your past experiences serving as a stakeholder and how valued you felt as a partner in the process. Regardless of where you are when you are invited to participate in an initiative, it is critical to understand the importance of your involvement in any collaborative cross-agency data system initiative.


As you consider your involvement, it is helpful to understand the term "data system" as it relates to Part C or Part B 619 programs. Data system is conceptualized broadly by DaSy to mean: The Part C/619 data system refers to the hardware, software, and other applications that enable Part C/Part B 619 to collect data about children, families, workforce, and/or program characteristics (e.g., program quality), as well as the analysis, reporting, and data use practices associated with those data.

With this background information, use this session to explore your needs as a stakeholder in a cross-agency data system initiative and learn ways to be an effective participant throughout the stakeholder engagement process. Begin by taking a moment to consider the Challenge Question below. 


Given my role within the Part C or Part B 619 program, what are the benefits and challenges to participating as a stakeholder in a cross-agency data system initiative?