DaSy Stakeholders Module 2014  

Session 3: Leading Your Data System Stakeholders

Are you responsible for leading an initiative that would benefit from stakeholder input?

Are you charged with exploring new ways of working with stakeholders?

Do you know how to lead a stakeholder engagement process?


This session helps you fulfill your responsibilities as a leader of a stakeholder group involved in a data system initiative. Similar to the other sessions of this module, the Principles of Effective Stakeholder Engagement remain at the core of the information presented and the work you do as a leader. You may find it helpful to access the principles as you interact with the presentations and activities in this session. This document and others are also available in the Resources and Citations section of the module.


Learning Outcomes

Image: Word cloud illustration of Leadership, motivate, create, and communicate

By the end of this session, you will be able to:

  • Explain your responsibilities when interacting with your data system stakeholders (i.e., those that are affected by the data system); and
  • Understand how to lead a stakeholder engagement process, whether formal or informal, that gathers stakeholder input over time.