DaSy Stakeholders Module 2014  




While most Part C and Part B 619 programs have existing data systems, it is possible that you might lead stakeholders in new data system initiatives (including cross-agency initiatives). New data needs arise, existing data systems require enhancements, and older systems may need to be replaced. All of these situations provide an opportunity for you to lead stakeholders through the development and implementation of a new data system.


Session 3: Leading Your Data System Stakeholders is divided into three presentations provided below. The presentations focus on your role as a leader in each stage of the three stages of the stakeholder engagement process: Inform, Prepare, and Act. Collectively, the presentations introduce you to the specific activities in which you, as the leader of a stakeholder engagement process, engage to move your data systems work forward. Stakeholder input is essential in each stage of the process. You already have many opportunities to receive informal input from the people who are affected by your data system. Similarly, within a formal stakeholder engagement process, there are many strategies to elicit stakeholder input.


Access each presentation by clicking the link provided. The structure of the presentations allow you to pause or advance through them at your own pace. You need an internet connection and your audio should be turned on. To read the script of the audio recording while viewing, click on the video camera icon in the lower right-hand corner of the presentation window and then click the Notes tab. 


As you view the presentation, you may find it helpful to access the documents located in the Resources callout box above. These documents complement the information provided in the narrated presentations.


Leading Your Data System Stakeholders

These presentations focus on how to effectively lead data system stakeholders through each stage of the stakeholder engagement process. 

Leading Your Data System Stakeholders - Stage 1: Inform (approx. 8 minutes)

Leading Your Data System Stakeholders - Stage 2: Prepare (approx. 4 minutes)

Leading Your Data System Stakeholders - Stage 3: Act (approx. 10 minutes)