DaSy Stakeholders Module 2014  




Undertaking stakeholder engagement as something which needs to be done is reason enough NOT to embark upon the process(Revit, 2007, p. 16).


While effective stakeholder engagement can be challenging, it is essential to the success of any initiative. Stakeholder engagement helps to create buy-in and initial acceptance of a plan of action. It allows different voices and perspectives to be heard and recognized as new approaches and ideas develop. Stakeholder engagement is ingrained in the nature and culture of Part C and Part B 619 work, including data system work. Being able to effectively lead a group of stakeholders with various roles, perspectives, and availability is an important part of effective data systems work.


As you consider your involvement leading stakeholders in data systems initiatives, remember that Part C/619 data system refers to the hardware, software, and other applications that enable Part C/Part B 619 to collect data about children, families, workforce, and/or program characteristics (e.g., program quality), as well as the analysis, reporting, and data use practices associated with those data.


It is important to be aware that not all of your data system work requires that a formal stakeholder group be convened and used.  There may be times when a smaller sub-set of stakeholders will meet your needs or other times when informal mechanisms (i.e., embedded user feedback functions within a data system application) can provide you with the information you need. As a Part C and/or Part B 619 leader of the work around data systems, you need to decide what kind of input is needed from stakeholders, the best way to get that input, and what to do with it.


Throughout this session, you will learn ways to plan for, gather, and use stakeholder input to support the work you do around your data system. Begin by taking time to consider the Challenge Questions below.


How can I plan for and implement a thoughtful stakeholder engagement process that leads to efficient and effective work around my data system?