DaSy Stakeholders Module 2014  



What role do stakeholders play in a project or initiative? How do leaders choose individuals to serve as stakeholders? How do stakeholders engage in this collaborative process? The presentation below, An Overview of Stakeholder Engagement, provides background information on the stakeholder engagement process as it relates to any initiative or line of work (not just data systems).


Access the presentation by clicking the link provided. The structure of the presentation allows you to pause or advance through it at your own pace. You need an internet connection and your audio should be turned on. To read the script of the audio recording while viewing, click on the video camera icon in the lower right-hand corner of the presentation window and then click the Notes tab.


As you view this presentation, you may find it helpful to access the documents located in the Resources callout box above. These documents are explained in the presentation.


An Overview of Stakeholder Engagement

Learn about the principles of effective stakeholder engagement and the important role stakeholders play in the progression of an initiative. Click the title below to begin.

An Overview of Stakeholder Engagement (approx. 15 minutes)